EN 590 10 PPM

en 590 10 ppm tank farm
  • ORIGIN: Russian
  • LOADING PORT: Rotterdam
  • PRODUCT: EN 590 10ppm
  • Quantity: 50 000 MT / per month
  • FOB price: Gross USD -20$ per MT / NET USD -15 per MT
  • Delivery: Rotterdam
  • PAYMENT TERMS: T/T WIRE TRANSFER & MT103 upon successful inspection
  • INSPECTION: SGS conducted by seller no more than 48 hours old


  1. Buyer issues ICPO
  2. Seller issues Commercial Invoice (CI) for the available quantity in the Seller’s Storage Tank to the Buyer. Buyer signs and returns the CI to the Seller.
  3. The Seller submits to Buyer the following Partial POP documents: a. Tank Storage Receipt with valid barcode & Coordinates where the product is stored at Rotterdam Port
    b. Injection Report
    c. Authority to Verify (ATV)
    d. Commitment to supply
    e. Unconditional Dip Test Authorization (UDTA)
    f. Fresh SGS Report less than 48 hours old
    g. Authority to Sell and Collect (ATSC)
  4. Buyer is given seventy-two (72) hours to verify the product utilizing the ATV and the fresh SGS Report and/or perform Dip Test at the Seller’s Tank at Buyer’s expense if needed.
  5. Within forty-eight (48) hours after successful product verification and/ or Dip Test, Buyer issues 100% TT wire transfer/MT-103 payment for the total cost of the product to the Seller. Within the same prescribed timeline, Buyer also submits their TSA, TSR and Buyer’s Tank Farm NOR (tank to tank injection).
  6. Within twenty-four (24) hours after receipt of Buyer’s TSR, TSA and NOR, Seller injects the product into Buyer’s storage tanks at Seller’s expense.
  7. Seller transfers the title and issues the remaining documents.

Certificate on Diesel en590 10 ppm

Diesel price MT/USD for 2021-2024

Max Nevzorov
Max Nevzorov

Studied at the University of Portsmouth (London) Worked in 3 consulting agencies and 2 trading agencies. Been selling diesel for over 10 years.

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